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Port City Pistol - Muskegon, Michigan Gun Store and Indoor Firearm RangeThanks for shopping at Port City Pistol, LLC. - Your premier dealer for guns and ammo for sale!

Port City Pistol has been serving Muskegon and the West Michigan Lakeshore Area since 1996. We offer attentive service, unequaled selection, and great deals on the most popular products available to the shooting, hunting and target community.


We offer great deals and expert service. Port City Pistol is a federally licensed firearms dealer, stocking major brands of long guns, handguns and ammunition. Select from the links to the left for some of our featured brands. Available for in-store special order, we can try to get what you are looking for - perhaps a Taurus revolver; a Browning shotgun; a Glock pistol; a Remington rifle; or any caliber of ammo from .17 to .50 BMG from Winchester, Federal, Remington, PMC, Aguila, S & B, Corbon, Speer, CCI, Wolf or even military surplus.


In addition to our wide selection of new and used guns, ammunition, knives and range supplies available for purchase, we offer the following Concealed Carry Classes / Concealed Pistol License Classes, Indoor Shooting Range, and expert gunsmithing.


Port City Pistol - Muskegon, Michigan Gun Store and Indoor Firearm RangeWe are striving to be your friendly, full-service, local gunshop on the internet. Please look to us for one-stop shopping for everything from your small shooting odds-and-ends to your regular high-use items. Check back and refresh your pages regularly! This site is constantly growing.


Follow Port City Pistol on Facebook for the latest specials, deals and updates or join our forum and discuss topics with other gun enthusiasts and employees from the store! Port City Pistol's reloading section is one of the largest selection of reloading tools, components, and accessories in Muskegon. We stock Nosler, Sierra, and Proofmark bullets, Alliant, Hodgdon, IMR, Western, Accurate, and Winchester Powders, and a large selection of RCBS reloading tools.


We ask that you stop by our store; we would be happy to assist you in any of your firearms needs.